Accessories for yoga paddle boards

If you have ever tried yoga or paddle boarding, you will know that they are fun and enjoyable forms of exercise, however by combining the two you get twice the fun!

Although SUP yoga is a great sport to start, there are a number of accessories that you should consider purchasing in addition to your yoga paddle board in order to make your experience as relaxing as possible.

Full length deck pad

Inflatable SUPs tend to have built-in deck pads however if your board does not, it is advisable to purchase a full length deck pad for your board. These will act as your yoga mat on the paddle board and will provide you with additional grip, traction and comfort when undertaking your yoga poses. You could even mark your deck pad with centre points to help your positioning. Going without a deck pad could mean that it is uncomfortable to practice yoga on your paddle board and in more serious cases lead to injury.

Centre handle

Similarly to using a full deck pad, ensuring that your yoga paddle board has a center handle that can lie flat against the board or be removed altogether is going to ensure comfort whilst undertaking yoga. Due to the position of the centre handle it is likely that it is in prime location for a number of poses, therefore lying on a handle for prolonged periods of time could be uncomfortable.

Anchor kit

Having anchoring on a yoga paddle board is going to be essential for practicing SUP yoga. Anchor kits are usually lightweight hooks attached to a strong rope and visible float that can be lowered into the water to help secure your position. This is a good idea to avoid worrying about floating long distances whilst doing SUP yoga, anchors mean that you can relax and focus completely on your technique and balance.

Dry bag

Although yoga doesn’t normally require equipment you may wish to keep your valuables on your person when you go out on the water to do SUP yoga, therefore taking a small dry bag with you is a good idea. You can keep a phone, keys and water bottle in your dry bag or any other small items that you think you may need. Some yogis may wish to take valuables such as their phones to track their SUP yoga progress, if going with others then taking pictures of your pose progression can be really helpful for your technique improvement.

Bungee and Storage straps

When taking a dry bag on a yoga paddle board, you are going to need to ensure it is securely fastened to the board to avoid any accidents. Lots of good quality SUPs will have fixed bungee cords in place to safely store your belongings however if your board doesn’t then it is advisable to add them. The bungee cords or storage straps can also be used to hold your paddle whilst exercising yoga poses, it means you do not have to worry about it falling into the water and you can again completely focus on your technique.

Aside from purchasing a high quality yoga paddle board it also recommended to invest in a number of other accessories to enhance your SUP yoga experience. Be sure to research the accessories that will work best for you.

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