5 reasons why you should consider buying bags made from organic cotton

Cotton is a particularly versatile crop that has been used for centuries to produce a wide variety of goods in various industries. However, since the invention of polymer products cotton has seen a dip in adoption. Despite the change, many are still using cotton products due to their lower impact on the environment and more quality feel. Here are some of the benefits of using organic cotton and how it is being used to produce more environmentally sustainable products like organic cotton bags and clothes.

  • Organic cotton uses less water than the standard variety

One of the unfortunate drawbacks of using natural materials that have to be grown from crops is that they are often made in a very water-intensive process. For non-organic cotton, this can lead to damage to the surrounding marshlands through drainage.

If you make sure when buying cotton bags that they are organic, you can be confident in the knowledge that they will have taken less water out of the environment than the standard crop. This is due to the increased focus on rainfall as the primary water source.

  • Organic cotton bags use less synthetic fibres than normal ones

Synthetic fibres are often used to try and create products that last longer, however, the production of these fibres can often involve the use of a lot of plastic which defeats the point of using a ‘natural’ bag.

The use of synthetic fibres can also lead to the creation of a cotton bag that does not have the feel or look of an organic cotton bag. This detracts from the overall quality which can be detrimental to your businesses branding in addition to increased bag fraying and coarser fibres.

  • Organic cotton bags  give more to the farmers

To have a sustainable supply chain it is crucial that everyone throughout is paid well and enough to keep operating into the future. Part of the reason why many opt for organic cotton bags is that they treat the workers and produces of the cotton well; this involves both good rates of pay and working conditions. This is important as having ethically sourced is becoming more important to consumers.

  •  There are a wide variety of organic cotton good suppliers on the market

Organic cotton bags are used in many different businesses around the world however many are still yet to adopt. The high number of expert cotton product suppliers on the market means that now is a perfect time to invest in organic and sustainable products for your business.

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