4 activities to get you out of the rain in your boutique serviced apartment this autumn

One of the big mistakes that holidaymakers make when they are booking their trip is not matching the accommodation to the type of vacation that they are taking. There is no point booking a luxury serviced apartment if you are going to be spending the majority of your time exploring.  However, with the rainy season firmly upon us here are 4 good indoor activities to get you out of the rain if you have booked a boutique serviced apartment.

  1. Board Games

Try not to fall into the trap of being glued to your smart devices when you are staying in a boutique serviced apartment. Board games are a great way to engage with the rest of the family whilst also having fun. Some of our favourites include Cluedo, Risk and the classic Monopoly.

  • A Movie Marathon with a difference

Movies can be great but they can also be slightly unsocial in a boutique serviced apartment. We recommend watching a movie whilst coming up with some actions to perform. These can include saying phrases when certain characters are on-screen or performing certain actions when a character says something.

  • A night of fabulous food

If you are staying in a serviced apartment in a foreign country one of the ways you can experiment with foreign foods whilst saving money is hitting up the local supermarket and cooking up something yourself. You can get the whole family involved and tailor a meal to suit your specific tastes.

  • Balloon Badminton

Indoor ball supports can be a recipe for disaster, particularly if you are staying in a boutique serviced apartment. One of the ways that you can take the danger out of it is through using a balloon. You can play a range of activities from Badminton to football and even volleyball. All will keep the family entertained and out of the rain.

Get a boutique serviced apartment that has enough room for your family

Whilst we have given you a fantastic range of activities to keep the family entertained you will need to book a serviced apartment that has enough room for your needs.

The Beech House boutique serviced apartments are great examples of accommodation that offers both an intimate feel with enough room for activities. 

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