3 fun activities to do within your serviced apartment!

When you are looking for serviced apartments based in the UK you are bound to be impressed by the number of providers on the market. With the UK government warning many that they will have to plan for staycations this summer, the serviced apartment industry is set for a decent recovery after the 3rd lockdown over the British winter.

One thing that you can never bank on however is the British weather. If you are planning on a summer getaway then you will want to bring plenty of activities to keep you busy should the worst come, and you experience severe rain. In this week’s blog, we take a look at 3 activities that you can do within the comfort of your serviced apartment!

Board games

Board games are always a classic activity that brings out the competitiveness in people and is a great way to pass the time on a rainy day. Some of our favourites include Monopoly, Risk and Scrabble! Once you’ve exhausted all the board game options, you could test eachother’s trivia knowledge with the help of sites like LaffGaff – split into teams to work together or go it alone, the choice is yours!

These are a great way to have fun in your serviced apartment if you are looking to set up a games night that the whole family can enjoy! Just have a backup plan if tempers do end up flying.


Sometimes you can’t go wrong with Netflix in the evening and with other streaming services available there is plenty to choose from! A good, serviced apartment provider will make sure you have access to good Wi-Fi and streaming platforms that will help you unwind on a rainy day during your staycation. And if your choice of TV show or movie isn’t available in your location, you just have to install a VPN like PureVPN or similar ones that enable access to streaming platforms. Also, do check the purevpn review to see if it is compatible with your device or browser.

Home workouts

If you want to get some endorphins going during your stay in a serviced apartment then home workouts are a great way to go! They can increase your mood and keep you fit if you are looking to keep your body trim for the rest of the summer! With many staying in the UK you can also bring your kettlebell to make sure you have plenty of options!

Book a serviced apartment with enough room!

Serviced apartments are great. They offer plenty of features such as kitchens and large dining rooms all for an affordable price that will really give you the best of both worlds. When booking a serviced apartment, make sure that you stay in one with enough room. Then nothing will stand in your way of enjoying your stay even when the inevitable rain clouds do appear.

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